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How to choose false eyelashes?

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How to choose false eyelashes?
Issue Time:2019-10-30
Teach you how to choose false eyelashes, I hope to help and learn from everyone. The choice of false eyelashes: in addition to looking at the style, but also look at the stem of the false eyelashes. The stalks of false eyelashes are divided into three types: fishline stems, cotton stems, and plastic stems. Below I will introduce the differences between the three.
False eyelash material:
Divided into hard stem, medium soft stem and soft cotton stem, depending on the material, each has its own advantages.
(1) Soft cotton stalk: It is purely hand-made, extremely soft, has almost no feeling when used, and the effect is very natural, and the comfort is excellent, but it may not be well controlled when bending the curvature of false eyelashes; Novices practice more.
(2) Medium soft stem: As the name suggests, its softness and hardness is between the hard stem and the soft stem. There is no big problem when using it. The small defect is that the false eyelash glue used is more than others.
(3) Hard stem: Hard stem is usually manufactured when the machine is mass-produced. Generally, there is a foreign body sensation when wearing it, but the advantage of this model is that the curvature is beautiful, no special adjustment is needed, and it will not be glued. Problems occur in the end of the eye and the lifting or shifting of the eye, and it is less likely to be deformed.
False eyelashes with transparent stems:
The time of nude makeup, there is a newer version of false eyelashes, using a transparent fish thread to string a pair of lashes into one. Suitable for girls who don't wear makeup, naturally blending with their own eyelashes.
False eyelashes for cotton stems:
All the lashes are made of cotton thread into a streamlined shape. When making makeup, according to personal techniques and hobbies, you can make appropriate trimming, and then stick it on your eyes with eyelash glue.
The effect of false eyelashes:
Function: People with round eyes apply cotton eyelashes, and those with thick eyelids need to adjust with nylon eyelashes.
The color choice of false eyelashes, in order to make the false eyelashes appear natural when they are tied together with their own eyelashes, We should choose a color that is more suitable for ourselves.
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