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How to attach false eyelashes?

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How to attach false eyelashes?
Issue Time:2019-10-30
False eyelashes can make your eyes look radiant, make your eyes look bigger and more glamorous, and increase your eyes. But maybe a lot of MM will not put fake eyelashes, the following is the specific method of false eyelashes, I hope to help everyone.
Tools/Materials: Glue, False Eyelashes, Flat Tweezers, Pointed Scissors

Step 1: Use a black eyeliner to draw the inner eyeliner so that there is no trace of white space inside the eyelashes.
Tip: This is impeccable even if you look up at the eye.
Step 2: Also use the eyeliner to draw the upper eyeliner, but the stroke should be thin and close to the root of the eyelashes.
Tip: This will make the contour of the eye more natural and complete.
Step 3: The key to the success or failure of wearing false eyelashes is the fit of false eyelashes, especially when encountering a whole row of false eyelashes, it is best to cut six to seven.
PS: This is cut into one by one, and it can greatly reduce the risk of failure.
Step 4: Next, squeeze the eyelash glue on the back of the hand and use a pair of tweezers to take a false eyelash glue.
PS: False eyelashes are best worn every time you touch it. Don’t glue all the time, otherwise the glue will dry out.
Step 5: Gently rub the false eyelashes that have been glued, about 30 seconds, and wear the adhesive when it is in a semi-dry state. Otherwise, wearing false eyelashes is easy to move when the glue is too wet.
Step 6: When wearing false eyelashes, you should first calculate the position, and the short one is in front and the long one is in the back. The calculation of the position should be precise, otherwise it is easy to be asymmetrical!
Step 7: Next, wear the false eyelashes one by one, in the order of people's habits.
PS: It is usually better to control the position from the end of the eye to the eye.
Step 8: After the false eyelashes are completed, remember to use the mascara and gently brush it several times, so that the true and false eyelashes can be naturally fitted, and the false eyelashes can not be too strange.
Step 9: Next, still use the eyelash curler to clip the true and false eyelashes together, so that the curvature of the eyelashes will be beautiful.
Step 10: Finally, adjust the curvature of the false eyelashes with your fingers or tweezers, and you will have an enviable dreamy eye!
You have learned how to apply false eyelashes, and now you can choose the false eyelashes that suit you.