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Gilancy eyelashes Brand Story
eyelash Story
eyelash Story
Gilancy eyelashes Story
Gilancy eyelashes Story
Beautiful eyes, express beautiful heart.
Gilancy is an ordinary girl. She is kind and honest, but not beautiful.
She has two beautiful sisters, Gretta and Gracy.
Gretta has blonde hair, and Gracy has fair skin. Everyone who sees them praises their beauty.
But Gilancy, under the shadow of her two sisters, has nothing impressive.
One day, Gretta, Gracy and Gilancy come to the forest to enjoy the sun. The spring forest is full of life: trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and birds are singing.
Gretta plucks many blooming flowers, making a wreath to wear on her head. "These flowers are fresh enough to decorate my blonde hair."
Gracy breaks many budding branches, waving into a cape to wear on her shoulder. "These buds are lively enough to complement my fair skin."
Gilancy takes nothing. She follows Gretta and Gracy, picking up the flowers, buds, branches her sisters have dropped...
Till late in the night, tired Gretta and Gracy fall asleep on the ground.
Gilancy picks up the last flower and branch, gathering everything under the biggest tree, "I am sorry, my big forest. Gretta and Gracy wished to complement their beauty with your livelihood, which is not the right thing to do. I hereby return to you your flowers and buds."
Fog emerges, within which a beautiful Goddess appears. Her hair is shinier than Gretta's, and her skin is fairer than Gracy's. Most beautiful is her eyes and long eyelashes. One can be lost inside.
The beautiful Goddess smiles, returning the flowers, buds, branches, bird nests back to where they were. Then she tells Gilancy, "My kind girl, you shall be granted with the utmost beauty. Your sisters get blonde hair and fair skin, but now, I'll give you the most beautiful eyes in the world, for beautiful eyes express your beautiful heart."
When Gretta and Gracy wakes up, they are taken aback by Gilancy's bright magical eyes and long thick eyelashes.
These eyes, are telling the world what a beautiful heart the girl has.
--- Beautiful eyes express your beautiful heart.

    The eye can see something far away in the world, but can't see the eyelashes that are close to it. The farthest distance in the world is not the end of the earth, but I am by your side,  you don't know. ----Gilancy eyelashes, you deserve it.